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Five things experts say happy couples regularly do together

Five things experts say happy couples regularly do together

While you may lead a busy life, it can be hard to make room for some quality time for your significant other, even though it is something as simple as sharing a meal or as extravagant a week-long vacation.

Social media star uses humour to promote vaccination among youth

Tik Tok rising star Mfumo Bamuza is using his influence to combat Covid-19 and vaccine misinformation.

R1.3m fridge sparks 'bidding war'

An iconic Smeg fridge – brightly handpainted by Sicilian artists and branded by Dolce & Gabbana – has triggered a bidding war that could see it sell for more than the R1.3m price.

Join Sowetan Women’s Club and Toi Moi for a fabulous celebration

Join the Sowetan Women’s Club and Toi Moi as we celebrate 40 fabulous years of female strength, resilience and beauty by giving you the opportunity to connect with some of SA’s most-admired women.

Siba Mtongana shares her recipes for life, love and laughter

If one could tip their hat to culinary expert and author Siba Mtongana, it would be for being a game-changer, trendsetter and the first to go where others feared to tread.

Sweet escapes with Thapelo Mokoena's dining hideaway

The scenic, never-ending hills of Kromdraai can often be a delight for those driving up to the hiking spots, secluded gardens or the B&Bs of the area.

Peace of mind and mental health vital for wellness, says Mahlangu

Wellness plays a crucial part in helping us achieve a higher quality of life. While eating well and going consistently to the gym may bring a remarkable difference to our lives, nurturing the mind and soul is equally important. After all, the various aspects of wellness are interconnected and wellness is more than just physical health. It is multidimensional and holistic.

Walking the journey of wellness, vigour

The journey of wellness requires one to be conscious of and intentional about one’s mental, physical and emotional health.

Local designer recycles rags into fashionable bags

Being a multi-disciplinary talent is nothing new but while growing up in Zone 14 in the Vaal, south of Johannesburg, Bhungane Mehlomakhulu found it helped tame his restlessness.

Wedding gowns fit for a princess

The drama at the jubilant wedding ceremony of Skeem Saam’s Mapitsi (Mogau Motlhatswi) and Thabo Tbose Maputla (Cornet Mamabolo) was not courtesy of gun-toting mother-in-law, Meikie (Harriet Manamela).

Crossing the fatherhood Rubicon

Hesitation to become fathers can sometimes overcome men, especially when they are reminded of the image that fatherhood has in society: Awol.

Warm weather needs some sweet treats

It always feels like warm weather requires sweet treats. That’s certainly what it felt like growing up in the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

Learn to listen to your gut

Our bodies are continually communicating to us through sounds and signs. These awkward and often unwelcomed body signals mean that our bodies are healthy and well.

Spring season comes bearing spiritual gifts

We see it in the flowers that flaunt their bright and beautiful colours. We feel it in the sun that kisses our skin with a welcoming warmth. We hear it in the birds that sing a little louder and prouder. Spring is indeed a season for new beginnings, not only in nature but in the journey of our wellness too.

Hooray for the naughty forties!

We’re turning the big 4-Oh! and ladies, we’re doing it in style.

Concerned daughter finds practical solution for family hit by Covid-19

SPONSORED | NetcarePlus offers a range of products to help more South Africans access affordable private medical care

Digital detox: Can taking a break from tech improve your wellbeing?

Tired of having to gaze at a screen for anything from a pub quiz to work calls, Anna Redman and her boyfriend headed to a wooden cabin outside London, locked their phones in a sealed envelope and spent three days off-grid earlier this year.

Celebrating women who are steering change in the auto industry

Join us as we meet some influential women behind the biggest automotive brands in the country

How poverty and violence are linked with anxiety in young South Africans

SA must address the wider structural drivers of poor mental health, specifically poverty, unemployment and violence.

Affordable small flats in Joburg CBD

People move in and out of the cities like the ebb and flow of ocean waves; their reasons for moving vary but most common is that of the cost of rent versus the living space.

'It was mad fun': Tourists hit Lesotho slopes despite Covid-19 woes

Suggest a holiday in Africa and most people picture baking hot sun, palm-fringed beaches or herds of wildebeest galloping across the savannah. Few think of skiing.

Nelson Makamo turns his Porsche 911 into a moving canvas

World-renowned South African visual artist Nelson Makamo has given his new Porsche a personal artistic touch

The value of mentorship is inevitable in life of a woman

Throughout our lives changes and transitions will occur.

Tayste Kitchen dishes up food filled with soul

Carrying a basket full of talents has been a bailiwick for many young talents of late but for Thato Mahlangu, his most bountiful basket comes straight from the kitchen.

The Mix breaks the mould in Waterfall City

SPONSORED | Invest in this New-Age residential development in Midrand

Can an avo a day keep the doctor at bay?

SPONSORED | Did you know that avocados contain some of the immune-supporting nutrients?

WATCH | Solar-powered jeeps offer quieter, cleaner safaris

Gone is the noise and emissions of the traditional gas-guzzling safari vehicles in Kenya's Maasai Mara.

Turn coffee breaks into beer breaks on National Take a Beer to Work Day

SPONSORED | Heineken 0.0 is encouraging go-getters countrywide to join in and get a fresh take on life on August 27 2021
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