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Black women enter hair business boom

Black women enter hair business boom

Without a doubt the hair business is booming and black women have kept it in the black for years.

Mental health conditions can be mistaken for ancestral calling

The calling to take on ancestral work and become a sangoma may present itself in a variety of ways.

Duma’s approach is all about shaping the industry for the better, not virality

There are a number of South African designers who are on everyone’s lips, a talent that finds many of their designs selling out and becoming a major success. Whether it’s the cool kids who clamour for Rich Mnisi, the haute-heads who pine for the latest Thebe Magugu threads or the suave fashion lovers of luxury who paint the town black in Inga Atelier bags, there is a designer for everyone.

Nengovhela goes back to her roots as Rubicon turns 20

SA top fashion label Rubicon is getting ready to celebrate 20 years next year. In preparation, founder and creative director Hangwani Nengovhela is retracing her roots – and the historical Mapungubwe Kingdom in Limpopo is written all over her DNA.

Find the perfect gift for every father at Le Creuset

SPONSORED | Shop the offers at Le Creuset boutique stores and online

Delicious dishes to warm you up this winter

f you’re finding yourself ravenous this winter and looking for something quick and yummy, we have some recipes for you to try at home.

Sacred threads: the spiritual significance of hair

Apart from adorning it in various styles, the deeper significance of hair is undeniable. It is the extension of our opinions, beliefs and who we are becoming. Similar to our mental and physical wellness, hair is deeply connected to our emotional health and spiritual identity.

From apprentice to fashion icon: Ivory Coast's Pathe'O, 50 years on

When 20-year-old Pathe Ouedraogo left his Burkina Faso village in 1969 in search of a better life in neighbouring Ivory Coast, his dream was to return with a bicycle and a transistor radio to prove he had made it.

BOOK REVIEW | 'It's not inside it's on top' brings colourful memories to the surface

It is impossible not to think of a specific advert when you reminisce over your childhood. For me, Postbank's "lobola" advert, where a little boy starts to save up in steaks to pay his crush's lobola is one of the most vivid that comes to mind.

New stories to tell for Microwave Boy

In the early days of SA’s migration into the YouTube space Microwave Boys became a leader of the pack. While those in front of the camera earned their own notoriety, the true star of the show was behind the scenes for most of the channel’s content, one Menzi Mzimela.

Self-taught cook turns family tradition into business

Gugulethu resident Nwabisa Lisa grew up in a home where they hosted guests. This influence pushed Lisa to be involved in the events industry and also start her own cooking business KwaLisa Soulfood in Cape Town.

Enter the My Father Essay Writing competition for 13 to 30 year olds

SPONSORED | The Heartlines and FunDza Literacy Trust competition aims to get young people more engaged with the issue of fatherhood

At R390m the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is the world’s most expensive new car

When a Rolls-Royce Phantom or Cullinan is just too common, you go to the luxury carmaker’s Coachbuild division and order something like this nautical-themed Rolls-Royce Boat Tail picnic car

Mixed feelings over plastic bags

Retailers ramp up efforts to rid stores of single-use plastic bags

Religion's uneasy relationship with money

The subject of tithing has been one of great contention among Christians across different denominations. While some may view the giving of 10% to the church as a way of honouring God, others believe that tithing should be done a little differently and that it is not as important as many church leaders claim it to be.

Climate change: Join the call to build a stronger Cape Town

SPONSORED | Here’s what you can do in your home or workplace

African Culinary Library connects Africa through delicious food

A dream of a shared table, filled with African food, made by African chefs and shared with African beverages is what inspired Bodibe Sebolai and his business partners to start up the African Culinary Library (ACL).

Religious intolerance gives way to love

SA has come a long way since its first official interfaith marriage between a Muslim female and Christian man, which took place in Cape Town in 2015.

Practice all-embracing love to humankind

Living in a diverse society, we are all bound to encounter people with different religious or spiritual views, beliefs and practices.

Photography exhibition explores spiritual identity, modern Africanism

In celebrating Africa Month, Windybrow Arts Centre in Hilbrow, Johannesburg, has decided to explore spiritual identity and modern Africanism through an exhibition titled Ihiya.

19,000 participants needed for the National Covid-19 Antibody survey

SPONSORED | The data will help inform SA's response to Covid-19 to ensure lives and livelihoods are protected

New Jaguar E-Pace touches down in SA

SPONSORED | New petrol hybrid provides all-electric range of up to 55km for Jaguar’s compact executive SUV

WATCH | Would you wash your face with snail slime soap?

Foamy slime bubbles onto Damien Desrocher’s hand as he lightly rubs one of the thousands of snails he keeps in an enclosure in his backyard.

South African poet and sculptor Pitika Ntuli wins a Global Fine Art Award in Paris

South African sculptor, poet and writer Pitika Ntuli on Tuesday added another accolade to his impressive CV, being awarded the Global Fine Art people’s choice “You-2" award.

WATCH | Oprah, Harry get candid about mental health in new series trailer

Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry get candid about their struggles in a new trailer for their mental health series.

Winter recipes to warm you

The time has come to dust off that cookbook with the rich hearty recipes. If you don’t have that cookbook or you’re looking for something new, you’re in luck.

SA shows Natasha Joubert love despite early Miss Universe exit

Joubert was crowned the second princess in the Miss SA competition last October.

Directory for mental and overall wellness

Taking care of your mental health is important for your overall wellbeing. With this directory of hotlines and counselling centres, help is always just a call or click away.

Debunking myths around therapy

Awareness of mental health rises, but false ideas persist
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